They call me Democlides, and I come from the sea,” said the man. For a moment, he ran his fingers awkwardly throught his curly hair, and then continued: “My ship sank!” “So then you could tell me all about your adventures!” Phoebos suggested. The man smiled and, blushing slightly, exclaimed: “By the goddess Aphrodite! That may be a very good idea…” Myth and legend mix up around the ancient ship Glafki, which one day set from the Ylaic port of Kerkyra towards Sicily.

In the summer of 1993, during a reconnaissance dive near the shores of a small, uninhabited island southwest of Cythera, the wreck of an ancient trade ship was accidentally found by a group of divers-archaeologists. The so-far unpublished photographic material of the underwater excavations of this find is displayed in the second part of this book. Is the wreck with the seven anchors, actually the ancient ship Clafki.